Who We Are?

We are GivAmies 🙂 A team made up of people who started in different jobs then decided to do something better …. something more enjoyable…. something satisfactory.

What Do We Do?

“We Serve What YOU Deserve” I Don’t know what YOU think about yourself but we believe that YOU deserve the best. That’s why we are here to serve YOU what YOU deserve 🙂

We do extensive market research and introduce only those products which YOU actually need not just want. Obviously, we are making enough money to survive (Maybe a little more than that) but that’s not the best part. Best part is hearing back from YOU guys that how much YOU love our product.

If YOU love our products, do let us know at support@givamie.com and if YOU hate our product please don’t tell anyone 🙁 Just Kidding.. Do let us know at support@givamie.com only.

We will get back to YOU within 24 hours in Business Days.

What Do Future Holds?

We want to introduce a subscription service where we are monthly interacting with YOU and providing YOU info and all that good stuff. We want to Organize Givamie Meets where all of YOU can come and party with us and a lot of other plans which I can’t disclose here.

In Short, Future is Going to be Legen-Wait-for-it-Dary for GivAmies.

I know YOU are reading “About Us” page to know more about us but if YOU have not noticed so far GivAmie is all about YOU 😉 Come be a part of GivAmie and help us serve YOU what YOU deserve.

To be continued….

You can reach us at support@givamie.com
c/o Goopping Intl #86621
932 N State Street STE 2
Orem, Utah
Phone: (801) 434-9007